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Here are a few testimonials from clients who experienced counselling with Iona. Owing to confidentiality their names have been withheld. 

After being married 14 years, I found out that my husband was having an affair. I was totally devastated and felt like the stuffing was knocked out of me. I didn't know what to do so I finally decided to have counselling.
Iona certainly helped me to deal with the hurt. Gradually I began to heal and feel better about myself.  I gained so much from having counselling and would recommend seeing Iona who has researched infidelity and knew what she was talking about.

Name withheld

We were having difficulties with our communication.  Arguing a lot and we were thinking of separating but contacted Iona to see if we could improve things between us. We have two children so thought counselling might help. After a few sessions we learnt to communicate differently and understand our themes and patterns of relating. Found that relationship counselling was helpful.


Name withheld

As a young dad of a 3 year old daughter, I needed help with parenting my 9 year old step-son. It was causing tension with my partner so I saw Iona for a few tips on upskilling my role as a step-parent. Now I have a good relationship with him and I feel more confident as a dad.


Name withheld



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